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Local Home Health Aides in The Bronx Are Just a Call Away

Looking for local in-home health service providers in the Bronx for your loved one? Special Touch Home Care Services, Inc., has you covered with a robust roster of New York City in- home caregivers, including a wide variety specifically based in the Bronx.

We know how vital locally based care is, which is why we maintain a database of local healthcare aides who are truly local, as in, based in the same neighborhoods in the Bronx as your loved one.

Whether you live in Bedford Park, University Heights, Woodlawn, Morris Heights, East Tremont, Morris Park, Van Nest, Castle Hill or Pelham Bay — in other words, all corners — Northwest Bronx, Southwest Bronx, Northeast Bronx and Southeast Bronx, we can offer a provider who lives in and knows the borough thoroughly.

A Local Bronx-Based In-Home Caregiver is Best

Don’t  be fooled by home health agencies that claim they service your borough without checking to make sure that translates to a local, Bronx-based in home health aide. Often it just means that they have the appropriate license necessary to serve that borough, but it doesn’t mean that the caregiver will be local and living right there.

The main problem with having a caregiver who’s not based in your neighborhood entails scheduling issues that can arise when someone has to travel to visit your loved one. A long commute can result in late or missed appointments, creating worry and upheaval for both the patient and the person who is organizing and supervising their care.

By having a truly local Bronx-based in-home personal care attendant available to help your loved one, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that missed appointments are likely to be a thing of the past.

Bronx-Based Home Health Aides Know The Area Inside and Out

In addition to the reliability that comes with a local in-home health service provider, most patients prefer having in-home health care attendants who are neighborhood specialists and therefore feel “at home” where they are. That can be helpful when your loved one wants to visit a favorite diner, like Crosstown Diner, Crown Diner or Pelham Bay Diner.

And cultural aficionados will appreciate an outing to the Bronx Museum of the Arts or the New York Botanical Gardens, accompanied by someone who knows the area.

For those searching for socialization and camaraderie, there are a number of senior centers open each day. Your local Bronx-based home health care aide can take a patient to enjoy activities at centers like PSS Highbridge Center, which offers Zumba, photography, art therapy and more.

Another popular local option in the Bronx is Riverdale Senior Services with a host of activities that include chair yoga, creative writing, mah jongg and much more.

And finally, many seniors need frequent healthcare appointments, and a Bronx-based home care aide can escort your loved one to appointments or procedures at local hospitals like Calvary Hospital, Lincoln Medical Center or Montefiore Medical Center, Wakefield Campus.

Need Help Hiring a Bronx-Based Home Health Care Aide?

Ready to find a home health care aide in the Bronx? We are standing by to help you identify a truly local, Bronx-based home health aide who can help. Our competitive compensation plans and free training, backed by our successful 40-year history, allows us to attract the most reliable, competent in-home health attendants.

Another great option for a Bronx-based local caregiver would be a friend or family member. Not everyone realizes there is a state program called CDPAP that enables patients to designate a friend or family member to be their caregiver and then allows them to be paid for their time through Medicaid funding. Special Touch Home Care Services is well-versed on all aspects of the program and can walk you through the process of setting up the program if it’s an option that’s right for you.

For more information on locating a Bronx-based health care aide for home health services, Contact Special Touch Home Care Services today.

Special Touch is not endorsing specific businesses, organizations, or health care providers. This article should simply serve as a starting point to help guide you on your journey.