CDPAP Program


Special Touch is proud to be able to offer the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program

What is the CDPAP Program?

The CDPAP Program is an exciting program that allows a person to manage their own care. In this program, the client is the “Consumer” and the caregiver is the “Personal Assistant” or “PA.” If the Consumer is not able to manage the care for themselves, a “Designated Representative” or “DR” can manage the program for them (DR cannot be the PA).

Key Aspects of the CDPAP Program

  1. The Consumer/DR is responsible for selecting his/her own caregiver. They are even able to select family members to be their caregivers.
  2. The Consumer/DR manages the caregiver and ensures that the PA is properly oriented in how to follow the rules of the CDPAP program. They are responsible for selecting, training and (if necessary) terminating the PA.
  3. For the purpose of this program, the Consumer is the PA’s employer
  4. Special Touch Home Care acts as a fiscal intermediary between the two parties and is responsible for processing the hiring documents for the PA, processing certain necessary Consumer documents and paying the PA according to the time that they worked for the Consumer.

Key Benefits of the CDPAP Program

  1. The Consumer can hire family/friends/neighbors so that the care is being provided by someone that they already know and are comfortable with.
  2. The PA can earn income while taking care of their loved one, helping them avoid the choice of providing necessary care or working a job elsewhere.
  3. There is more flexibility with regard to the care that the PA can deliver when compared to a home health aide. PA’s can perform PCA, HHA as well as certain tasks performed by RN’s.

In order to enroll or find out more information, click here to have someone call you or call us at 718-627-1122 and follow the instructions to get to the Intake Department.

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