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The union you have with your spouse is to be cherished. With years of laughter, memories, family, and good times, you have enjoyed plenty during your time together.

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You may have arrived at a time in life when that beloved wife, husband, or partner needs home health care. How do you go about discussing it? How will you bring up the subject of bringing a home care aide into your home for assistance? Let’s delve into some ways to discuss home health care with your life partner.

Reminders of Love

Perhaps you have a wife, husband, or a partner who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, or another disease. The strain of care for that spouse has taken its toll on you, your children, or even other family members. Home health care is now a discussion that needs to take place. While it can be challenging to begin the talk of asking someone to come into the home and help with care, you want to remind your spouse that you love them.

You also want to remind the spouse that you wish only to do what is best for the both of you. Then, you want to assure your spouse that the decision to receive home health care comes from a place of love. However, your spouse may be a bit apprehensive about someone coming into the home to help them with grooming, bathing, dressing, and other household tasks. Your job is to remind your spouse that your love for them will never be compromised simply because someone else enters the home to care for them. Consider keeping love in the forefront of the conversation, ensuring that your partner knows that you have nothing but their best interest at heart.

Focus on the Advantages

One of the most important things to know about discussing home health care with your spouse is keeping its advantages front and center. Often, the subject of home health care services and a home healthcare agency can make people defensive. Your spouse may even feel attacked. They may also feel as if they have to surrender their independence.

However, if you, as a spouse, come from a place of love and keep the advantages of home health care at the forefront, you may receive a more positive reaction from your loved one. While a large percentage of the elderly population desires to age in their own home, you want to share the most significant advantages of home health care. One advantage is that they don’t have to leave the comforts of home behind to receive needed assistance.

Discuss Help They Will Have

Home slip and fall accidents are prevalent within our country. According to the findings released in 2016 from the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 25% of Americans age 65 and older fall. The leading cause of senior deaths and injuries is falling. When discussing home health care with your spouse, you want to assure them that they will have the protection, support, and assistance they need. The home health aide will be an individual ready to provide the support that your spouse needs.

Talk About Success Stories

As you approach the subject of home health care with a spouse, you may want to conduct some research. You may have close friends who utilize a home health care agency or home health care services. If you do, be sure to include that in your discussion about home health care with your beloved life partner. When you focus on others, especially friends you both know who have home health care assistance, your spouse may be more receptive.

Connect With Your New York Home Health Care Agency

For the quality home, the health care you seek for your spouse, your New York home health agency has it. Our home health aides are specially trained to provide the care and assistance your spouse needs. Connect with us today and learn more. We’re here to help both of you.

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