Our Staff

Home Health Aides & Personal Care Aides

We maintain a staff of over 2,500 home health aides and personal care aides who are supervised, trained, and supported by registered nurses and other healthcare professionals. Experience is key, and many of our employees have been working with Special Touch for over 15 years. This ensures that they are well equipped to deal with all possible situations while continually providing the highest level of customer service.

Our aides are all certified and are competency-tested regularly. Many of them are trained in Special Touch’s own training program, which has been certified by the New York State Department of Health. Their education is always ongoing, so that we may be certain they are ready to handle the many special needs our patients bring to us.

Before accepting an aide into our family, we take all precautions to be sure that they are right for us, including a two-tier background check. First we contact the New York State Court system to determine if they have a criminal history, then we take fingerprints that are sent to the FBI for verification against their criminal databases. We also personally screen all of our aides, making multiple reference checks, performing a thorough review of their past work history and education, and directly testing their skills. Our goal is to be 100% positive that our patients can feel completely safe with the aides we send to them.

And as a large agency, we maintain the ability to provide replacements as needed with very short notice. If your regular aide is ill and unable to visit you, we have others on hand who will make sure that you don’t have to be alone.