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4 Factors to Consider Before Engaging a Home Healthcare Agency

Home healthcare services are provided by many agencies, and each will claim to be better than the next.

You may find yourself wondering how you can tell which agency is the best fit for your family, particularly an elderly loved one who needs professional support. Before making a choice, you’ll want to determine the authenticity, efficiency, and quality of services being offered.
Following are the factors you should consider before enlisting the services of a home healthcare agency.

Are the Home Care Aides Well-Trained and Certified?

Your senior loved one may be fully or partially dependent on assisted living, requiring supportive care to go about their daily lives. Extra attention is required when they are battling a chronic condition, such as heart disorder, osteoporosis, or arthritis. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 older adults suffer from at least one such condition, while 50% are battling 2 or more.

Any home healthcare agency you consider should employ aides who are certified to provide home health services, and should ensure that those certifications are maintained through ongoing training. Further, you will want to confirm that the agency staffs caregivers who have been trained to provide specialized care in support of chronic conditions. Ultimately, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and qualified home health aides must all be available to provide the best care possible.

A Good Home Healthcare Agency Should Have Backup Options and Flexible Scheduling

For a home healthcare agency, flexibility is an invaluable resource. If your loved one’s plan-of-care becomes more comprehensive, can your agency immediately adjust? If your assigned health aide is unavailable for a day, can the agency quickly provide a back-up? It is in these types of situations where a healthcare agency’s quality is put to the test. You will want to be sure your agency has the resources to adapt to any situation, and enough staff available to make sure you are always covered. Not all agencies can quickly adjust as needed – you need to make sure that yours can.

A Home Healthcare Agency will protect your safety

Any company is only as good as the people who work for it. To build and maintain a solid reputation in the industry, a quality agency will go the extra mile to ensure its employees are not only certified, but also are simply good people. Comprehensive background checks should be performed on every home aide, to ensure that there is no history of criminal – or other negative – activities. A company that does not take this step will potentially leave its clients in the hands of someone prone to abuse or neglect. Top homecare agencies are working for your best interests, and will do what is necessary to guarantee the safety and well-being of your loved one.

A Home Healthcare Agency Will Involve You In The Process of Selecting a Caregiver

Matching a home care aide to a family is not a one-size-fits-all situation. While they may all be qualified and professional, there are always factors that may make one aide a better fit than another. This is why a top home healthcare agency will first talk with you and collect important information about your needs and preferences. Office staff will use that information to find an ideal caregiver who can seamlessly fit into your loved one’s life and routines. To personalize the process further, you should be able to interview candidates before making a commitment.

Before you entrust the social, emotional, and physical well-being of your loved one to a caregiver, you want to be sure they are going to do the job properly, and that care will be available in any circumstance. The best way to do this is by hiring a home care agency that performs background checks, provides comprehensive training, and employs enough staff to make sure you are always covered.

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