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Senior citizens make up a large part of the population and, with advancements in areas like medical technology and nutrition, they are living longer and longer lives.

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As they continue to learn along with the rest of the population, they are becoming notably more tech-savvy (Facebook’s oldest registered user is Edythe Kirchmaier, firing off those “likes” at 105 years old).

This embracement of technology comes alongside advances in healthcare that open up many possibilities. Let’s look at some ways that technology is helping to facilitate healthcare services.


While physicians, home health aides, and other health care workers are still providing in-home healthcare visits to ensure well-being and safety, telemedicine is a fastly growing market. Telemedicine is the practice of combining medicine and technology to deliver and administer care from a distance.

Patients can open an app on their phones, tablets, or computers and chat with a doctor, home health care assistant, or physician’s assistant right in the comfort of their own home. Many home healthcare agencies combine both in-home visits with telemedicine sessions, making it easy for seniors to receive the care, medications, and advice they need in order to thrive.

Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

In addition to conventional home healthcare visits, many home health care services add remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems to their care regimens. RPM systems allow a home healthcare agency to utilize the latest technology to monitor their patients from afar, keeping an eye on real-time data to quickly identify any problems. As an example, the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient can be tracked throughout the night, without a need to have 24/7 care from a nurse or aide.

Security Devices

These days, there are a number of apps for mobile devices that help to keep at-risk, elderly, and other populations safe in their homes and surroundings. Many of these devices utilize cloud-based technologies and various electronic sensors that can alert caregivers, home health aides, and home care agencies to potentially hazardous or unsafe behaviors. These devices are a growing part of the “smart” home care industry. Combined with conventional home health care assistance, these components can help save lives while keeping at-risk populations safe and secure.

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