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Over one-third (38%) of U.S. men and women experience spikes in stress levels during the holiday season. According to an NBC News poll, up to 69% of people are stressed by “perceiving a lack of money”, and 51% are “stressed out about the pressure to give or get gifts”.


A cost-effective care solution known as the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), also commonly referred to as the “friends and family home care program”, can help keep stress levels low during the holidays.

What is CDPAP?

This program puts home healthcare back in the hands of consumers, as well as trusted friends and relatives. The program reduces costs, saves time, affords aging New Yorkers more flexibility, and enables consumers to remain in the warmth and familiarity of their home.

Under this program, family and friends are permitted to perform tasks that typically would not be “in the scope” of a home health aide. Tasks like oxygen administration, medication administration, and certain injections, just to name a few. CDPAP caregivers can also assist with tasks that home health aides would typically perform such as preparing meals, checking vitals, and assisting with various activities of every day living.

Why choose CDPAP this holiday season?

    • Hiring a Loved One to be a Paid Caregiver

Seniors often cite finances and pressure surrounding gift-giving as some of the top pressures of the holidays.

CDPAP factors in the realities of aging in place. One of those realities is that up to 20% of seniors choose to (or need to) work full-time. Being a caregiver can be an excellent source of income during the season, and being able to have a flexible schedule is key when working around existing employment and holiday errands.

    • Spend Time With Loved Ones

Being away from family can be especially taxing during Christmas time. With CDPAP, access to loved ones is frequent. Regular visits from loved ones during the holidays keep spirits up, moods elevated, and loved one’s cognitively stimulated.

    • Personalized, Loving Care

Having a home health aide care for mom or dad can make them feel uncomfortable, distressed, and have an ongoing impact on stress levels. CDPAP, on the other hand, affords you options, control, and comfort. Talk with family and friends to determine who would be the best person to be your loved ones CDPAP caregiver. Choose someone who will prioritize the individual’s comfort and needs. Plus, a favorite family member can even help prepare your favorite holiday treats!

The holidays can be a stressful time, but they don’t have to be. Keep the season festive and your healthcare cost-effective, flexible, and comfortable.


Special Touch caregivers are certified paraprofessionals. Before they hit the ground running, they go through an extensive screening process. We dig deep into their background to make sure they are someone that we would trust to take care of our own parents and grandparents. This includes criminal background checks, drug screening, and also professional and personal reference checks.

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