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What's the right home health care fit for your family?

Choosing an in-home care solution for a family member can be an overwhelming decision. From understanding the differences between the types of care available, to navigating the policies, processes, and paperwork, there is a lot to consider. This quiz is designed to help you accomplish step one: determining which type of in-home care is the right fit for you and your loved one.

Can a trusted friend or family member (other than the patient’s spouse) safely provide the level of care required to improve the patient’s quality of life?
What type(s) of care does the patient require?
Is the patient or a designated representative able to manage the caregiver’s work schedule and find someone to provide backup care when necessary?
Would the patient prefer a trained paraprofessional or close loved one to help him or her with tasks related to personal hygiene?
How will the patient’s care be paid for?
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