3 Signs Your Parents May Need Home Care

Home care is not something most of us want to think about for our parents and multiple reasons.

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For one thing, considering home care for your parents meets upending the traditional parent-child dynamic. You’ll be taking responsibility for their needs, where for much of your life, it was vice versa. You may feel guilty about hiring someone to care for them. This isn’t necessarily fair to yourself, but it is a valid and understandable emotion to experience.

However, home care is sometimes unavoidable. Right now, it’s projected that the senior population will double, with the Population Research Bureau predicting that by 2060 almost 100 million Americans will be 65 or older. We will not all be able to care for them by ourselves. That’s where home care comes in.

The question is, when should you begin considering that care? Let’s look into a few signs that your parents may need that additional help.


Sometimes, forgetfulness is a natural quirk your parents may experience as they age. It doesn’t always mean that there is a deeper health problem afoot. However, it can indicate that they’re dealing with the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Even if your parents aren’t approaching those health issues, forgetfulness can jeopardize their health. They may forget to pay their bills one day; they might forget to take necessary medication on another day.

Either way, you need to look into getting them help so that they’re able to go about their lives without serious problems.

Hygiene Issues

Due to mental decline or simple physical aging, your parents may experience hygiene issues as they age. This can be a sign that they’re having problems caring for themselves.

If they’re skipping baths, showers, or perhaps failing to trim their nails or toenails, this could indicate that they would benefit from home care.

Strange Bruises

Your parents may not always tell you they need help, but you can pick up on the visual cues. If you notice unexplained bruises, this could signify they’re experiencing mobility issues and falling. Should this be the case, home care could be an option.

Considering home care is hard, but remember: neglecting your parents’ needs is much worse.

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