4 Benefits of Seeking a Home Care Aide From a Home Healthcare Agency

Choosing a great home health aide for your senior relative is key to safeguarding their health and welfare.

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Working as a home care aide can be very rewarding, and allows a person a fair amount of flexibility in organizing their work/life balance. Those factors, combined with readily-available training, means that there are a lot of homecare workers out there. Having more options is always good, but finding the right aide for your loved one in such a large pool is not as simple as it may seem.

That’s why Special Touch Home Care is here to help.

We Know our Aides

In addition to performing background checks and providing training, Special Touch monitors every shift and is in constant contact with all of our aides. We know their strengths and their flexibility. We know what services they can provide, what languages they speak, and where they can travel. Because of this, wherever your loved one lives, whatever services they need, and whatever preferences they may have for a companion, we already know who will fit.

Facilitate CDPAP Program

A reputable home healthcare agency will also offer you the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Fully covered by Medicaid,
CDPAP allows you to select your caregiver – including close family or friends – who are then paid for their care. It’s a fantastic program, but the cost of entry is a lot of paperwork and, possibly, some confusion.

Special Touch eliminates the confusion, providing full navigation through the process to make sure you establish your caregiver with as much ease as possible. And, once you’re up and running, we’re still there to provide support.

Flexible Schedules

Special Touch employs thousands of home health aides. Once you’ve found the perfect fit for you or your loved one, you may still find yourself needing additional support. Perhaps your aide comes down with a cold, or you need extra help outside of their availability. If you’ve hired your homecare aide directly, you may be out of luck. Finding a short-term replacement, or additional temporary help, can be difficult for an individual. But, not for us. We always have someone who can step in when needed.

Vast Network of Caregivers

When you move, it is not always likely that a current home care aide can move with you. If you’re new to New York, you may find yourself overwhelmed by your search for someone new, especially given all of the other relocation requirements you’ll be facing. Because care is a need that cannot be put on hold, turning to a homecare agency can get you back on track quickly and safely.

Special Touch is always at the ready. We have the people, and we have the ability to get them to you quickly, ensuring the health, security, and welfare of you or someone you love.

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