Special Touch Home Care

Choosing a great home health aide for your senior relative is key in safeguarding their health and social welfare. You want to leave your loved one in the capable hands of a trusted home health aide. With the mushrooming of caregivers in the U.S., picking the best caregiver for your aging relative can be tough. That’s why you should trust our team at Special Touch Home Care. Here are the benefits of utilizing a home healthcare agency.

Experienced and Trained Home Care Aides

Home healthcare agencies engage the caregivers who are well trained or have enough experience working as in-home caregivers. Additionally, they work under the supervision of a registered nurse who helps them deliver more quality service. Caregivers from Special Touch Home Care will go over and above when caring for your aged family member. They will help administer medication and also take care of the general hygiene and nutrition of your senior relative.

Facilitate CDPAP Program

A good home healthcare agency will also offer you the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP Program). Through the CDPAP program, you can select a caregiver that you already know, maybe a family or friend, to provide in-home care for your loved one. As long as your aging relative has Medicaid, a home healthcare agency will facilitate the CDPAP program. Today, many seniors are opting for CDPAP because it gives them the freedom to pick their home caregivers. This makes sense, given that only 3.6% of seniors above 65 years prefer nursing homes. The older men who don’t seek home health care services live with a spouse, while their female counterparts live alone.

Flexible Schedules

Home health aides from special touch care are flexible with their schedules. Sometimes you may need extra service that was not initially factored in your agreement. A good home healthcare agency will have an extensive network of caregivers who can step in when you need extra services. That way, you won’t be worried sick when you’re not home in time to relieve your caregiver. It helps you become more productive by giving you more peace of mind while away from home.

Vast Network of Caregivers

If you happened to move house and settled in another city, home healthcare agencies can match you up with an excellent caregiver. It’s unlikely that your current caregiver will move with you, but the agency will help you find another suitable caregiver. It is already tough enough to find a good caregiver in a familiar city, let alone a new city you just moved into. Home healthcare agencies let you focus on your other relocation logistics while they find the best caregiver for your senior relative. Because they already know your preference and choice of a caregiver, it will be easy for them to find one that will fit well in your family and quickly build rapport with your aging family member.

Sourcing a home care aide from our team at Special Touch Home Care will be more beneficial to you and your loved one. You will ensure the security, health, and social welfare of your senior relative when you engage a home healthcare agency to match you up with an excellent home care aide.