5 Benefits of a Home Health Aide to Your Aging Relative

Taking care of an aging relative is undoubtedly a noble act. If you have a senior relative who requires care, you will likely have a combination of a job, children, and other high-priority responsibilities. It can all be somewhat taxing, and burnout is a genuine concern. The reality is that you don’t have to support your older loved one alone.

Home care services support you, back you up, and keep you covered when life requires you to be elsewhere. Having a professional whom you can trust with the safety of your loved one is an invaluable tool for leading a balanced life.

Here are some benefits of a home health aide and why you may want to seek home healthcare services.

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1. A Home Care Aide Facilitates Safe Transportation

Advanced age can bring about adverse health effects, such as loss of vision and decreased reaction time. Driving in NYC is dangerous enough without these factors, and adding them to the mix only raises the possibility of a damaging or even fatal accident. A home care aide’s job includes providing transportation – to the store, a doctor’s appointment, or even the park. Getting around is essential to maintain quality of life, and doing so safely is just as important.

2. Home Care Ensures Safety in the House

A well-trained home caregiver from a reputable healthcare agency ensures your loved one is safe at home. Per the CDC, falls are the number one cause of injury-related death for seniors over 65. Being alone increases the likelihood of a fall not being noticed for an extended period. An aide is not only there to enhance mobility and shoulder the burden of at-risk tasks, but they’ll also provide quick alerts to medical emergencies.

3. Home Health Aides Support Hygiene

Personal hygiene should never be overlooked, and – while we may take it for granted – decreased mobility and energy make it a challenge. Home caregivers are trained to go the extra mile and ensure that bathing, brushing, and all other concerns are taken care of.

They can also help regulate and enforce a healthy, possibly medically-required, diet and exercise plan. You may not have the time to monitor all of this. You may not even feel completely comfortable being involved in some of it. But, a home health aide will.

4. Provides Companionship

Humans are social beings, and that doesn’t change when we age. However, opportunities for loneliness do increase, which opens us up to feelings of depression.

Our elders have lots of time and lots of stories to tell. Having no one around to share with can be crushing. Home aides aren’t just there to put away the dishes and ferry patients to the doctor.

They are companions and friends. They’re someone to talk to and share that time with.

5. Home Care Can Be More Affordable

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes each have their benefits and disadvantages, but one thing they all share is cost. The average monthly price, even factoring in the country’s more affordable locations, is more than a 2-bedroom in Manhattan. When considering your long-term care options, you have to ask yourself if that cost is worth it, especially if only a few hours of care per day are required.

When choosing a home healthcare agency, look into reputable agencies with solid training programs. It takes more than just passion for being a caregiver. One has to be well-trained to deal with the specific conditions of advanced age, such as memory loss, arthritis, and depression. The more research you do now, the better you’ll feel later.

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