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The Benefits of Enlisting a Home Healthcare Agency

Less than 4% of Americans aged 65 or older live in nursing homes or retirement communities. Considering that there are nearly 50 million seniors in the U.S., that’s a lot of people continuing to live independently after they turn 65. Many are doing so with the help of a home healthcare agency.

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What is a Home Healthcare Agency?

A home healthcare agency provides a broad range of services, from personal hygiene assistance and medication management, to cognitive stimulation and companionship. The in-home delivery model is undoubtedly a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and retirement communities. It is also the preferred delivery method as it allows older adults to remain independent while in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Home Health Care Services

Caring for an older loved one can be stressful and in many cases, overwhelming. As older adults become less independent, they rely more on those around them for care and support. A home healthcare agency is there to work with seniors to sustain independence, support their caregivers, and improve outcomes.

There are also many tangible and intangible benefits to partnering with a home healthcare agency. Read on for five of the most prominent ways a home health aide provided by a home care agency can help you and the older adult in your life.

5 Benefits of a Home Healthcare Agency

Better Health Outcomes

Studies have shown that older adults working with home health aides have better outcomes than those residing in nursing homes or receiving no care at all. Additionally, wellness and quality of life are greater, medication efficacy is improved, and many illnesses are briefer with fewer complications.

Medication Management

Managing medications can be confusing even for younger adults. Dosages and schedules change, prescriptions can be difficult to maintain, and side effects difficult to track. A home health aide is a licensed/certified paraprofessional experienced and knowledgeable in medication management. They make sure that medications are current/unexpired, taken according to directions and on schedule.

Nutrition Support

It can be difficult for older adults to manage their diet and nutrition. Cooking can become daunting and potentially dangerous, and keeping to healthy schedules is difficult for individuals of all ages. Home health aides may assist in grocery and cooking support. They also track habits, general health and wellness, and the impact of their client’s nutritional intake. When necessary to do so, they will inform family members and their client’s Case Management team that additional support and monitoring may be beneficial, with the inclusion of a nutrionist or dietician into the support team.


While nursing homes and retirement communities consume the bulk of a senior’s savings, home health aides are compensated per hour of service, a substantial difference from a live-in facility. This financial relief can make a world of difference (and provide much needed relief) for whomever is paying for the care.


In addition to all of the tangible assistance they provide, bonds tend to develop between home health aides and their clients. This companionship can be of great value to an older adult, and to you. The familiarity developed between the client and aide make home health aides an important resource as you work together to track, manage, and maintain the health and independence of the older adult in your life. Many clients consider their home health aide an extended member of their family.

Home healthcare agencies provide support and partnership. They work to collaborate with existing support systems toward the goal of improving independence, happiness, and health of clients.

Learn more about how the older adult in your life can benefit from partnering with a home healthcare agency today.

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