5 Things You Need To Know About Home Care

The average American life expectancy is 78 years, with a child born in 2015 having an average life expectancy of 78.8 years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

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You can expect to live a long time as an American, and home care may be more of a possibility as you get older. With that in mind, there are a few things you need to know about home care. Let’s look into it further.

There Are Multiple Types of Home Care

Home care does not come in one single form. Instead, home care encompasses multiple options. Home care is more focused on private nursing, in which an aide is employed to handle nursing duties at home.

While Medicare-certified and intermittent home health care, personal care, and companionship focus more on household tasks and keeping the client company.

There Are Multiple Payment Options

You don’t necessarily have to pay for home care through insurance, though you sometimes can.

Veterans’ benefits and workers’ compensation have also been used to pay for home care, as have Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.

It May Need to Be Prescribed

Home care may need to be prescribed by a doctor, as is the situation for those seeking private nursing care and home care. Personal care and companionship, however, do not need to be prescribed.

Make sure you’re speaking to your loved ones’ doctors or another healthcare professional before you make any decisions about your loved ones’ home care.

It’s Good For Caretakers

If you feel guilty about using home care for your loved one, don’t. You, as a caretaker, need to be able to work and live a life, and you may have a better relationship with your loved one if you seek help.

Seeking out home care services can help both you and your loved one get some much-needed peace of mind.

It’s Not Just for the Elderly

Home care can also benefit people with profound disabilities of all ages. You don’t have to be elderly to benefit from it.

Whether you’re dealing with a mobility disability or a loved one is struggling to care for themselves after a severe injury, home care can do so much to help.

Consider home care before it’s truly needed. That way, you’ll be fully prepared.

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