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When you’re supporting an aging relative, it pays to start planning early for long-term care. Especially if, like most seniors, they have professed an interest in staying in their own home.

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If you’re on the fence about opting for home care, here are some reasons why you may want to move it to the top of the list.

1. Around the Clock Care

Home health aides are available all day, any day. Even if you would like to be as involved as possible in the care of your loved one, you may have a job, or kids, or innumerable other responsibilities. But, no matter the time of day or night, a home care aide will be there for you. Your loved one will be safe, and you’ll have the flexibility to handle your own life, while retaining the ability to be present whenever possible.

2. Professional Care

It’s estimated that 4 in 5 senior adults live with at least one illness or chronic condition, while approximately 50% suffer from two or more. Not all of them are easy to manage. Osteoporosis, heart disorders, dementia, Parkinson’s – even when you’re available to provide care, you may not fully understand how to best do so. Regardless of what your loved one is facing, there are trained home care aides who know exactly how to provide support, how to administer medications, and how to monitor vital signs.

3. Companionship

A large percentage of seniors live by themselves. Beyond making support difficult, it also leads to loneliness and depression. A home health aide is not just there to take blood pressure and put the groceries away: they are also companions. People who can listen to stories and share their own. Someone to take a walk with, or discuss what’s new on television. Companionship reduces both stress and boredom, and a home health aide is both a caregiver and a friend.

4. Assistance with Mobility

Getting older does not signal an end to daily responsibilities. Seniors who continue living at home still need to eat, clean, shop, and take care of all the little things that life demands. While those requirements don’t disappear, the ability to handle them may diminish. A home care aide can provide support for all of the day-to-day tasks your loved one may face. They can drive to the store, make a trip to the park, or even provide transportation to religious service.

5. Supports Physical Exercise, Dietary, and Nutrition

Home health caregivers also serve as personal dieticians and fitness trainers. The importance of diet and exercise cannot be overstated for ANY of us, but they are even more important for our elders. Maintaining a special diet, especially one that is deemed medically necessary, is among the services an aide can provide. And they can also ensure proper levels of physical activity, even if just a stroll in the fresh air.

6. Extra Safety Measures

For our senior community, something as small as a minor slip may cause serious injury. A second pair of hands, or someone to make a quick run up the stairs, may mean the difference between safety and a call to 911. In this regard, a home health aide is indispensable. Some tasks simply cannot be managed safely by an older loved one. A home health aide will shoulder that burden whenever necessary.

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