home care aide

Deciding what is best for your older relative can be difficult, especially when you want what is best for them. If your older relative wants to stay at their home and have a sense of independence, there are options that allow you to know they are being taken care of. Home care aides are caregivers that provide your loved one with care and assistance while your loved one can live at home. If you are looking into different options for your relative, below are the benefits of seeking a home care aide.

Home Care Aides Will Come to the Relative’s Home

Home Care Aides are beneficial if your older relative wants to stay living at their home, but still needs help with day to day tasks. Home care aides’ duties include, but aren’t limited to, helping your loved one get dressed, helping them with personal services and grooming, and light housework. This allows your relative to live and be comfortable in their own home while still getting the care and help they need.

Through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP Program), you can personally select a caregiver that you already know such as a family member or a friend. Just like a home care aide, the caregiver would supply in-home care for your older relative. If your older relative has Medicaid, the home healthcare agency will facilitate the CDPAP program. This option will allow your loved one to be even more comfortable since they may already know the caregiver, and you will also feel more comfortable knowing your loved one is being cared for by someone you know and trust.

Home Care Aides Help with Your Relative’s Health

Home care aides can bring your older relative to appointments, including doctor appointments. Not only is this easier for you or your relatives since you typically take them, but you also know they are getting the medical assistance they need. Almost every older adult will fight at least one chronic condition or illness, and half will battle at least two. Home care aides will keep your loved one on their medication schedule by making sure they are taking them at the right time and taking them in the correct amount. Home care aides can help guarantee that your relative is eating a healthy diet and following any lifestyle guidelines.

If your loved one needs specialized medical care, home health aides are medically trained and licensed to help your loved one. Unlike home care aides, home health aides can have specializations like nursing and therapy. Home health aides require a doctor’s order and need to meet the criteria.

When seeking help and care for your loved one, look into home care. There are many benefits to getting your older relative a home care aide to allow them to stay happy and comfortable in their own home while you know they are getting the qualified assistance they need and deserve.