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How Can a Home Health Aide Help to Keep Your Aging Family Member Safe?

As family members age, you may find yourself considering many options for their long-term care: senior communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more.

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If your parent, or other beloved senior, is like most, though, staying at home is likely a priority. This is where home health care can present what may be the best option of all.

For your consideration, here are some benefits of home health care services to keep in mind
while making your decision.

Assistance with Day to Day Routines

Living an independent life carries the same requirements for all of us, regardless of our age. However, at a certain point, we lose the ability to
manage it all by ourselves. Keeping up with a healthy diet, getting proper exercise, and taking care of household tasks like cooking and cleaning can all fall by the wayside when such tasks become too difficult. A qualified home health aide can, in the comfort of your loved one’s home, step in and support every one of those activities. By assisting with day-to-day routines, a home healthcare service can allow your aging family member to maintain their health and well-being for years to come.

At-Home Accident and Injury Prevention

Falls are one of the most persistent, dangerous threats to our aging population. To put it succinctly: per the CDC, falling down counts as the
leading cause of injury-related death for all seniors 65 and older. Living alone only makes the threat that much more imposing. Having a home health aide available to monitor your loved one, and to shoulder the burden of at-risk tasks, may prove to be an absolutely essential key to their ongoing safety and comfort.

Maintain Healthcare and Prescription Medicine Needs

Finally, you’ll want to keep in mind the ways in which high-quality home health care can support your aging family member’s medical needs. Growing older doesn’t just slow us down – most of us will be presented with various ailments, chronic conditions, and diseases. In many cases, these conditions will require special care consideration, doctor visits, and medication. It can be quite a lot to manage, especially for the person who’s suffering. A home health aide is trained to support such medical concerns. They can enforce and track medicine schedules, provide transportation to doctor appointments and provide care that is specific to an ailment. When medical factors come into play, a qualified home health aide can literally mean the difference between life and death.

At Special Touch Home Care, our combined team of office staff and experienced home care aides are here to offer you and your family high-quality home health care services that you can trust. Whether you’re in need of a full-time, live-in home health aide, or just someone to pitch in when needed, we are here to help. All you have to do to get started is contact us.

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