How Home Care Can Help Patients With Memory Issues

Their care can be frustrating for people suffering from memory issues. Checking them into inpatient care can make their treatment significantly more difficult.

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Staggering statistics show that four in five adults will be diagnosed with at least one chronic condition later in life. 50% will be diagnosed with at least two. With these numbers so high, home care is something that you should consider for your loved one with memory issues.

Preparing the Home

If you plan to care for a loved one in your home, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, do you plan to do all the care on your own, or will you utilize the assistance of an in-home care service?

If you plan to do the majority of care yourself, it is essential to set up a plan. You need to set up safety precautions. When people are suffering from memory issues, they often get disoriented. Installing safety railings and bars throughout your home can be immensely helpful in preventing injury.

It would help if you also had medical assistance, such as administering medication and checking vitals. Loved ones suffering from memory issues do best when they have a set schedule and get plenty of daily mental stimulation.

Hiring Home Care

There are different levels of in-home care if you are looking to hire outside assistance. You can find in-home caregivers that are licensed medical professionals. Typically referred to as skilled care, which is beneficial if your loved one is suffering from a chronic memory issue or a steadily declining condition. In this situation, a nurse comes to provide medical help and personal care services.

Other in-home services can offer assistance with housekeeping, shopping, and preparing food. Another common type of assistance can provide help by supervising a loved one with memory issues at home, on outings, or just by stopping in occasionally.

Benefits of Home Care

Home care can provide many benefits for those suffering from memory issues. Having your loved one at home familiar with their surroundings can relieve disorientation. They can also have a daily routine that mirrors their routine more closely before their memory issues begin.

Before deciding that you would like to have home care for your loved one with memory issues, speak with a medical professional to create a plan to move forward. Home care can provide a controlled environment for your loved one. We’re here to help. Request your free consultation today!

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