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When attempting to establish any kind of health care for an aging family member, you’ll encounter distinct challenges, some of which may not be so easy to sort through.

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Understanding your options is vital to making the right decision, though, and the first hurdle is determining exactly what you need and what is available.

Speak to Your Family Member and Get Their Feedback

The conversation may not be easy. It requires an admission that help is required, which may be difficult for some people to address. When you
consider that early planning is recommended, you may even find yourself discussing a care plan that isn’t necessary just quite yet. But, the chat needs to happen, and should focus on what would make your aging loved one happy. Some people may actually look forward to joining a senior community, or gaining support through an assisted living facility. Most seniors, however, will profess a desire to continue living in their own home. Because of this, home care is often the first option when transitioning to a supported lifestyle. It is the simplest solution, one that creates the least disruption to the current normal, while still leaving all other options on the table.

Determine Your Priorities

While deciding what sounds best may not be too complicated, you must also consider how you’ll get there. One option may sound ideal, but is it still the best choice if – for example – it’s twice the cost of other possibilities? An assisted living facility may sound great, but they are full-time and can be quite expensive. Is that the best plan if only a few hours of care per day are required? Your budget may need to decide the answer.

Contact Your Health Insurance Provider for a Helping Hand

Any variety of long-term care comes at a cost, which is why it is imperative to understand the role your insurance provider will play. If you contact them with a basic plan in mind, they will let you know exactly what will, and will not, be covered. They can also compare your preferred plan to all other options, to ensure that you are most effectively taking advantage of what they will support.

At Special Touch Home Care, our team of experienced home health care professionals are here for you. If you have any questions about our services,
your health insurance policy, payment plans, or anything else related to one of our offerings, a member of our team would be happy to assist you. Please get in touch with us today.

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