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An Overview of CDPAP: Who Can Use it and How to Apply

Whether in nursing homes or assisted living facilities or in our own homes, most people require more advanced and more concentrated care as they grow older.

CDPAP application

The care required as people age can be difficult enough to manage without the additional self-consciousness of introducing a series of strangers into their lives to provide health care. Today, fewer people aged 65 and older are using nursing homes and similar facilities – less than 4%. That means that more and more of the care they’re receiving is being provided in their homes. Many are using the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and making the loved ones who care for them their formal, official, and paid home health aides.

What is CDPAP?

CDPAP gives consumers the freedom to choose their personal caregivers or home care aides, allows those caregivers to be compensated for their hard and attentive work, and mitigates the insecurity of using unfamiliar professionals from a home health care agency. As the name of the program indicates, it gives consumers greater freedom in making vital and lasting healthcare decisions. CDPAP is entirely covered by Medicaid and creates no additional expense for the consumer. The most valued CDPAP application is that it lets people needing home health aides to choose one from among the family members, friends, neighbors or others who may already be doing caregiving work. CDPAP also provides training for the selected home health aide once you’ve completed a CDPAP application.

Your Family Caregiver Can Be Your Home Health Aide

The greatest advantage of using CDPAP is that a consumer’s personal home health aide can be a familiar and trusted family member or friend who understands their health, lifestyle, and needs intimately. While many consumers use the program to designate a family member who has already been doing caretaking work without compensation or support, others use the program to choose a professional home health aide that they would otherwise have to hire privately. Exceptions exist on who can be a CDPAP provider, and you can learn more about those during the CDPAP application process.

Home Health Aides vs CDPAP Providers/Caregivers

Using a CDPAP provider has advantages beyond familiarity and intimacy. CDPAP providers don’t encounter the limits that many home health aides encounter: restrictions on administering medications, for example, or insulin injections. They can be a great deal more like visiting nurses than a home care aide is able to be. And these providers are more likely to remain with a consumer for a great deal longer than home health aides, who necessarily turn over with regularity. In many cases, CDPAP attendants spend much more time with consumers using the program and are better able to identify health and lifestyle changes and other signs of risk much earlier than a home health aide would, resulting in better health outcomes, fewer emergent situations, and fewer visits to hospitals and other providers.

CDPAP is Entirely Covered by Medicaid

The CDPAP application process will go into greater detail about how CDPAP providers are compensated, but it is completely funded by Medicaid and creates no extra cost for the consumer. Being eligible for Medicaid and indemonstrable need for home health care are all that are required for participation in the program and full access to its benefits.

CDPAP Application Process

The CDPAP application process is streamlined and intuitive and has as its goal the distribution of the program’s benefits to eligible consumers. Anyone who is currently enrolled with Medicaid or is eligible to enroll and who has a need for a home health aide should learn more about the CDPAP application process today.

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