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Our parents and grandparents have dedicated their lives to watching over us, but the time eventually comes when that dynamic changes, and we must look out for them.

When deciding how their well-being will be supported as they age, it is vital to understand their preferences. With only 4% of seniors living in nursing homes, and 2% in assisted living facilities, staying at home is a priority for many. This makes home care an attractive option.

Special Touch Home Care is an agency that, for 40 years, has been providing home care services to New York City and surrounding areas. Much of that work has involved sending trained aides to patients who require home care, but many people don’t know about a recent program offering unique benefits about CDPAP.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an option that allows the consumer to select their caregiver, including a family member or close friend. Even better, the caregiver chosen will be paid by Medicaid for their work. Keep reading to learn more.


What Exactly Is CDPAP?

CDPAP is a program that provides an alternative to traditional home health aides. CDPAP allows the consumer to control their care by deciding what care is needed and who will provide it. By allowing them to stay at home and receive support from someone they already know and trust, CDPAP offers possibly the most comfortable home care option available.

Who Can Become a Caregiver?

CDPAP allows many people to serve as caregivers, but there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. A caregiver must be at least 18 years old and cannot legally be responsible for the patient. That means that spouses and parents are not eligible. Other than that, the only other requirement is that the candidate is legally able to work in the United States. With these rules in mind, anyone who qualifies can be enlisted and paid under the terms of CDPAP.

How Do You Apply?

Any senior is eligible for CDPAP if:

  • They are a New York resident.
  • They have Medicaid.
  • They are in stable medical condition.

Request a free consultation with our team at Special Touch to verify your eligibility and begin the application at any time.

Getting the best home care for your aging relative is essential, and CDPAP may be the option that works best for your family. It allows your loved one to receive the care they deserve from someone they trust.

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