Why You Should Consider CDPAP Services For Your Aging Loved One

It can be challenging to watch your loved ones grow old, but knowing the available services to help care for them is essential.

The senior population, already over 50 million, is expected to double by 2060. And while most of us will need to consider long-term care for an aging loved one, some folks need to make those decisions right now.

Many options for care are well-known, but one that you may not have come across before and should consider is CDPAP. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

Read on below to find out more.


What is CDPAP?

CDPAP is a Medicaid-funded program that allows people who require day-to-day help to hire their caregivers. The caregiver can be a close family member or friend, and they are paid (by CDPAP) for their work.

CDPAP Gives You Options

By allowing individuals to choose their caregiver, CDPAP alleviates some of the unknowns when working with a traditional home care agency. Within the program, a caregiver needs to be at least 18 years old, able to work in the United States, and not legally responsible for the patient (i.e., the caregiver cannot be a spouse or parent). Other than those restrictions, anyone can serve as a caregiver.

And, because CDPAP provides payment for their services, options will also open up for those providing the care. The pay can be used to supplement an existing income or provide a financial base for someone currently out of work. Knowing that they don’t have to give up the possibility of employment to provide support can ease the burden of a necessary task that, in the past, would have been done for free.

CDPAP Provides Flexibility

If your family is approved for CDPAP, selecting a caregiver will not be your only decision. A care plan will also need to be established, including how often services are rendered and precisely what those services are.

However, because of the flexibility allowed under the program, setting up a schedule is entirely up to your loved one. If something needs to be altered, it can be at any time.

CDPAP Allows Independence

Perhaps the most significant benefit of CDPAP is the independence it allows for. Regardless of how often your loved one wishes to receive service or what those services are, they can do so in the comfort of their home, retaining the lifestyle they’ve always enjoyed. 

Family gatherings or just sitting on the couch to watch TV – none of that goes away. CDPAP allows the care to adjust to the lifestyle rather than the other way around. Because most seniors prefer to avoid nursing homes or assisted living facilities, CDPAP can give them what they need in the least-disruptive way possible.

If you are considering applying for CDPAP or have some questions you’d like to ask, contact us here at Special Touch. We fully support the program and have already helped many seniors take advantage of this unique offering.

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