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Every day, more American adults turn 65. Yet contrary to popular belief, fewer than 4% reside in assisted living facilities.

Most stay at home either alone or with a partner, preferring comfortable surroundings even if they begin to require medical attention. If you live in New York state and are finding it more challenging to complete daily tasks, don’t assume immediately that a nursing home is your only option. Instead, why not find out if you are a candidate for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP program?

Mother cooking with daughter who takes care of her with CDPAP Program

A Brief Look at the CDPAP Program

Before diving into candidacy considerations for the CDPAP program, you should understand how this well-respected home care focused program works. CDPAP allows eligible consumers to directly choose and hire people to serve as home health care assistants.

What makes the CDPAP program so rewarding is that the home care aide workers can be the consumer’s own family members, such as a spouse, child, or grandchild. Basically, those caregivers get paid to be there for their loved ones! To make the CDPAP application, recruitment, and management process easier, many consumers work through home healthcare agency providers like Special Touch home care.

Who Is Eligible for the CDPAP Program?

Although plenty of seniors would love to take advantage of CDPAP, they must first qualify for the program. The CDPAP program has three main requirements for eligibility, as outlined below.

First, consumers must receive Medicaid. This is different from Medicare, so if you’re contemplating CDPAP, you may want to double-check to ensure you are getting Medicaid and are not on the Medicare program.

Secondly, consumers must be in a position to require home health care. For instance, you wouldn’t qualify for CDPAP just because you wanted someone to do some light cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms. On the other hand, if you require assistance keeping track of your medicines or injecting yourself with prescribed medication, you could probably benefit from having a home care aide.

Finally, consumers who fit the definition for CDPAP candidacy must be able to make their own wellness decisions. Alternatively, they must name someone in their lives who can play that role.

Is the CDPAP Program Complicated?

CDPAP has been around for a long time. As a result, the program has become quite streamlined. Still, many consumers interested in the CDPAP program work with third parties like Special Touch to ensure proper documentation protocols are followed, make hiring procedures as effortless as possible, and take care of any paperwork handling.

Think CDPAP might be a terrific fit for you at this wonderful stage of life? You’re not alone! Countless other seniors have discovered that aging in place can be beautiful — and easier — with CDPAP.


Special Touch caregivers are certified paraprofessionals. Before they hit the ground running, they go through an extensive screening process. We dig deep into their background to make sure they are someone that we would trust to take care of our own parents and grandparents. This includes criminal background checks, drug screening, and also professional and personal reference checks.

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