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An Overview of Who is Eligible for CDPAP and How to Apply

Most people require more advanced and concentrated care as they grow older, whether in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or our own homes.

The care required as people age can be difficult enough to manage without the additional self-consciousness of introducing a series of strangers into their lives to provide health care. 

Today, fewer people 65 and older use nursing homes and similar facilities – less than 4%. That means more of the care they receive is being provided in their homes. 

Many are using the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and making […]

Why You Should Consider CDPAP Services For Your Aging Loved One

It can be challenging to watch your loved ones grow old, but knowing the available services to help care for them is essential.

The senior population, already over 50 million, is expected to double by 2060. And while most of us will need to consider long-term care for an aging loved one, some folks need to make those decisions right now.

Many options for care are well-known, but one that you may not have come across before and should consider is CDPAP. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

Read on below to find out more.

Table […]

Could You Be a CDPAP Program Candidate?

Every day, more American adults turn 65. Yet contrary to popular belief, fewer than 4% reside in assisted living facilities.

Most stay at home either alone or with a partner, preferring comfortable surroundings even if they begin to require medical attention. If you live in New York and find it more challenging to complete daily tasks, don’t assume immediately that a nursing home is your only option. 

Instead, why not find out if you are a candidate for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP program? […]

3 Ways You Can Benefit From the CDPAP Program

A Medicaid program called the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) allows approximately 47 million U.S. seniors to choose their caregivers. 

The caregivers are paid for their time and don’t need certification. 

How does this program benefit these seniors over home health care services? Here are three top benefits of the CDPAP program.

Table of contents

No Multiple Caregiver Adjustments

With in-home care services, seniors may have to get […]

How State Budget Changes May Affect The CDPAP Program

Changes being proposed to New York’s long-term care programs could limit the ability to submit a CDPAP application for seniors living at home and those with disabilities. 

With the American life expectancy now at 78 years old and a shortage of home care aides, many Medicaid recipients aging in place are concerned they’ll no longer qualify and have to resort to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. 

The current pandemic ravaging nursing homes only adds more concern about this possibility. Here’s how New York state budget changes could potentially impact the CDPAP program. […]

How Home Caregivers Keep Your Loved One Healthy and Happy

Many of us have aging relatives who we deeply care about. Whether they’re the parents who nurtured us as children or grandparents who always greeted us with a smile – their health and comfort mean the world.

However, it can be challenging to meet all of their needs. Perhaps you don’t have the training to administer medications or the time available to spend every minute with them.

Thankfully, home care services are ready to help, providing trained professionals to offer the assistance and medical attention your relatives deserve. Whether you’re at work or need to take the kids to school, you […]

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