home health aide

Many adults are living longer lives. According to the CDC, people who turn 80 can live another eight to 10 years on average. As adults age, their bodies start to deteriorate and they need assistance from others to perform everyday activities. Many people rely on family members, but there are certain circumstances where professional help may be needed. Here are five signs it’s time to hire a home health aide.

Difficulty With Medications

Many senior adults suffer from more than one chronic condition. As a result, they rely on numerous medications to keep them healthy. Seniors with numerous medications may find it difficult to keep track of what to take and when to take them. One of the main causes of ER visits with elderly patients is adverse interactions with medications. A home health aide can keep careful records of all doses and make sure medications are taken when required.

Trouble With Personal Grooming

Many elderly adults have issues with being able to clean themselves. If your elderly loved one has trouble with personal grooming, hiring a home health aide might be an option you want to consider. The home care aide can assist with bathing, dressing, and getting in and out of wheelchairs.

Unable to Complete Household Tasks

Basic household chores like vacuuming or cooking require the ability to stand for long periods of time. This can be difficult for many senior adults. Home health care can assist with household chores and errands to keep the home clean and safe.. An aide through a home healthcare agency can assist with getting groceries, planning and cooking nutritious meals, and monitoring dietary restrictions.

Desire to Retain Independence

Many senior adults desire to be able to stay in their home rather than go to a nursing home. Home healthcare helps these senior adults retain their independence and maintain their usual daily routines. Senior adults can receive the domestic and medical care they need and have peace of mind.

Overwhelmed Family Caregivers

The demanding needs of elder care can be stressful for family members. This strain can be reduced with home health care. A home health aide can ease the workload and give family members a break.

If any of these five signs are relatable to you, you may want to consider reaching out to a local home health agency. An aide can help improve the quality of life for your aged loved one and give you peace of mind. Special Touch Home Care can give you the assistance you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.