Advice For Convincing Your Parent That Home Health Care May Be Best

As your parent’s age, you may find yourself trying to find the best way to discuss a care plan with them.

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Not everybody is eager to transition to a way of life that will have them relying on someone else for their health and wellbeing.

But, as families often find out, solo living can become burdensome and dangerous for their oldest members, even if they resist alternatives.

Let’s explore some ways to bring up the subject compassionately and effectively.

Begin With Positivity

You love your parents and want them to be safe and happy. That’s a pretty good place to start. Let them know that you want the best for them, that you want them to be able to live their lives fully, and that you want them to stay close so you can be with them as often as possible.

Continuing care doesn’t have to mean assisted living facilities or nursing homes – a qualified agency like Special Touch Home Care can send the help directly to them. They don’t need to change their life anyway – they’re just getting a little extra support.

Providing Reassurance

Most people respond well to reassurance when the need for serious talk arises. You’ll want to let them know that this is an important topic but that you’re only considering the best options available. You want them to be involved, and nothing could detract from your love and respect for them.

They took care of you, and you feel responsible for ensuring they are also cared for.


It will, of course, be helpful to outline the facts and benefits of home care.

For example, falls are the leading cause of senior citizen injury and death. Someone to aid with mobility, trained to identify potential dangers in the home, will be supportive without any negative impacts on life otherwise.

Further, tasks that – quite frankly – most people don’t enjoy doing themselves can be taken up by an extra pair of hands, making life easier. Cooking, light housekeeping, travel to and from appointments – all are tasks that can be handled by someone else.

Remember The Respect

When speaking with your elderly parent about home healthcare, you want to remember to remain respectful. You have a goal that you need to accomplish, but the dynamics are now backward.

While they’ve spent their lives looking after you, you are both now facing the opposite situation. But, they are still your parents. They gave entirely of themselves for your benefit, and it’s essential to remember that it might be difficult for them to accept the change.

So, listen to their concerns, accept that they may be resistant, and focus on what’s important. One conversation may not be enough, so you’ll want to avoid hostile feelings that may make things more difficult in the future.

Contact Your New York Home Healthcare Agency

If you need support or are ready to move forward, reaching out to Special Touch Home Care at any time is a good decision. We are always here to help guide you. We can provide much more information regarding the homecare process and what can be offered than you can probably manage on your own. Don’t hesitate to reach out: our 40 years of experience in New York home care are here to help.

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