Questions to Ask a Home Health Agency

Finding the correct home health care agency is one of your most important choices. Whether you’re looking for assistance for a parent, aunt, uncle, or another family member, you want to ensure they get the best care possible.

Let’s look at some questions you’ll want to ask a home health agency to make an educated decision for your loved one.

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What Are the Steps to Hiring a Health Care Aide?

When choosing a home health care service, you should ask how their home care agents are chosen. What criteria are used in their hiring? What certifications and training do the aides possess? These questions will give you a better understanding of the aide assisting you and your loved one.

What Specialized Training Does the Aide Have?

Knowing what specialized skills the home care aides have is also essential. For example, perhaps you need an aide who can communicate in a language other than English. Or, you might need an aide who understands how to properly care for someone who exhibits signs of a particular illness.

It’s estimated that four out of five older adults will encounter at least one chronic condition, such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, or osteoporosis. It would be helpful to ensure that any aide you hire is prepared to treat and manage the issues your loved one is facing.

What Specific Services Are Offered?

Another great question to ask is which services are provided. To ensure that the agency is the right fit for you, you’ll want to determine that they can offer the benefits such as cleaning or diet management you require.

You’ll save time and effort by hiring a company that can instantly come in and starts supporting your needs.

What Insurance Plans Are Accepted?

First, check that the home care agency accepts your specific healthcare plan.

Refer to our informative article that lists all the health plans that cover our services.

Both Medicaid and Medicare offer various options to access our community-based service offerings. In the article, you will be able to review the differences between the different plan types. We have also included the insurance plans that administer these plans within Special Touch Home Care’s geographic coverage area.

What Procedures Are in Place in The Event of an Emergency?

All home care companies and aides will work to avoid an emergency, but these situations arise when caring for the elderly. You’ll want to know how the agency you’re planning to hire prepares for the unexpected.

What’s the Process of Setting Up Home Health Care?

Finally, ask about the steps to implementing care in your home. You’ll want to know the intake process and if a specialized or customized care plan will be discussed and applied. The more you understand setting up care in your home, the more at ease you will be.

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As a responsible caregiver, you’ll want only the best home health care for your family member. You also want an attentive, experienced, knowledgeable, and loving home care aide.

Your New York home health care service agency is ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact Special Touch Home Care Services today to learn more.

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