3 Ways You Can Benefit From the CDPAP Program

A Medicaid program called the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) allows approximately 47 million U.S. seniors to choose their caregivers. 

The caregivers are paid for their time and don’t need certification. 

How does this program benefit these seniors over home health care services? Here are three top benefits of the CDPAP program.

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No Multiple Caregiver Adjustments

With in-home care services, seniors may have to get used to various new people entering and exiting their homes and life.

With the CDPAP, there’s no learning curve to getting to know the home care aide and adjustments to cultural practices and preferences.

You don’t have to start from scratch teaching a new home health aide where everything is in the home if the previous aide quits for any reason. The senior can choose someone they already know and trust.

More Control Over Care

When you work with a home healthcare agency, there may be times when care may be out of your control. The aide may go on vacation or assist with other clients. You leave your loved one with an aide unfamiliar with the normal daily routines or additional critical information they may need. This can be quite disruptive for many seniors and for family members who may have to arrange for care at the last minute.

The agency may also have restrictions regarding offered services and how long aides are allowed to stay. CDPAP gives control back to seniors with their choice of caregiver and schedule. The chosen caregiver can focus solely on one client, which can provide better overall care.

Support For Current Caregivers

The primary caregiver already providing care can be compensated for the work they’re already doing for free. Likely, they will still have to provide care even if a home care aide is hired. It can make more financial sense to compensate for the care already offered rather than adding additional services.

CDPAP can be highly beneficial for the senior needing nursing services and the caregiver already providing care. You’ll need to complete a CDPAP application online to see if you qualify. You’ll have to meet specific requirements to receive compensation as a caregiver.

Depending on your circumstances, it can be the ideal solution to meet your loved one’s medical needs.

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