How Home Caregivers Keep Your Loved One Healthy and Happy

Many of us have aging relatives who we deeply care about. Whether they’re the parents who nurtured us as children or grandparents who always greeted us with a smile – their health and comfort mean the world.

However, it can be challenging to meet all of their needs. Perhaps you don’t have the training to administer medications or the time available to spend every minute with them.

Thankfully, home care services are ready to help, providing trained professionals to offer the assistance and medical attention your relatives deserve. Whether you’re at work or need to take the kids to school, you can stay worry-free and that caregivers will keep your loved one healthy and happy.

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What Types Of Home Caregivers Are There?

The two primary types of caregivers are CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program), personal assistants, and HHA (Home Health Aides). Home health aides mainly provide daily living assistance, helping with tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Often hired through an agency, these aides must pass government training programs to assess their knowledge of bathing, dressing, and maintaining the hygiene and nutrition of their patients.

CDPAP caregivers, on the other hand, are often chosen and self-directed by the patient or “consumer.” They do not have to pass the same training programs as an HHA and can be directed to administer medicine and nursing aid by the consumer. In addition to medical help, CDPAP aides can provide the same assistance in daily living.

To file a successful CDPAP application, the cared-for individual must have Medicaid. General HHA services, meanwhile, can be paid for by private health insurance or Medicare.

How Home Caregivers Keep Your Loved One Healthy and Happy

CDPAP allows patients to choose a trusted friend or family member to care for them. This assures that the caregiver is someone who loves them and can provide not only living assistance but company and friendship as well.

If your relative doesn’t have Medicaid, a home healthcare agency can provide similarly high-quality assistance. Their caregivers are all government-accredited to provide professional care at any time of day. This means you don’t have to stress about other life responsibilities impacting your ability to be there 24/7.

Home health care aides are trained to understand fitness and nutrition. They will be able to cook balanced meals and engage their loved ones in a consistent exercise routine. Laundry, cleaning around the house, and other chores can also be done by HHAs, saving your aging loved one’s energy.

Possibly the most essential benefit of an HHA or CDPAP caregiver is security. Accidents and emergencies do happen. Your loved one deserves a watchful eye who can administer aid and call for help immediately at critical moments. Home caregivers are safeguards for their health at every hour of the day.

Your Loved One Deserves the Best in Attention and Care

We owe it to those who have brought joy into our lives to look after their health and happiness.

While plenty of retirees choose one of over 5,000 retirement homes to provide their continual care, many would be much happier living in the home they’re accustomed to. Fortunately, home caregivers are there to meet that wish with utmost attention and care.

Speak with your loved one to see if a CDPAP application or home health care agency is the best option for them. Take time, learn their needs, and provide them with the quality care they deserve!

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