home healthcare agency

Roughly 47 million seniors live in the United States of America. This number comes from an estimate from a 2017 article on census.gov. This article estimated that about 325,600,000 people live in the US and a 2014 article estimated that around 14.5% of Americans are 65 and older. Senior citizens deserve the kind of care that they may require to have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. With the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), it’s possible for elders to have someone they trust to take care of them. CDPAP is a great option to consider when discussing home health care, and here are a few more reasons why.

Freedom to Choose

One of the biggest benefits, arguably the best, is that elders will have the choice to choose who takes care of them. No one is assigned to them, which means they don’t have to get comfortable with someone they barely know. Elders are able to pick someone that they already know, and feel is reliable enough to care for them. When a caregiver and a customer have a bond already formed, the quality of health results and care improve. It’s less stress on a customer, and that’s the most important thing. A home healthcare agency allows the CDPAP program to ease an already stressful situation for any elder who finds themselves in this predicament.

More Autonomy

When working with a traditional health aide, patients may feel that they lack control of their situation. With CDPAP, a home healthcare agency only gives a CDPAP caregiver one patient. That means that the patient won’t ever have to deal with another caregiver, for example if their original one was unavailable. With a CDPAP caregiver, patients are given the opportunity to control their own schedules. Having more autonomy in a situation like this can positively affect a patient’s mental health and wellbeing.

Options for Family Caregivers

When a family member is sick or unable to care for themself, other family members come to their aid. This is done without any form of payment or reimbursement; some families take care of one another regardless of any situation. If a family member is already caring for an elder, they are losing potential money that they could be making if they were working. With CDPAP, this allows family members to freely care for their sick loved ones without worrying more about finances. A home healthcare agency can make sure that here’s no more missed money earning opportunities. Instead, they can be paid to care for their loved ones.

Being in the kind of situation where you need a caregiver is already so tiring and stressful. A local home healthcare agency can help you obtain your own CDPAP caregiver and help make your healthcare a little less stressful. Needing someone to aid and take care of an elder citizen does not need to make you feel like you don’t have control, when you can with CDPAP.