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There are more than 54 million seniors currently living in the United States of America, with the population seeing a steady increase over the last decade.

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That is, obviously, a lot of people – a lot of people who will require some form of care once they move beyond their ability to fully take care of themselves. Studies have clearly shown that seniors prefer to continue living in their own home, rather than a senior community or nursing facility. Because of this, home care needs to be considered as a possibility when making long-term plans.

But, there are options. A lot of options. Many of them, you may know about already. But, there is one that you might not be aware of.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a Medicaid-supported option that puts the right to choose directly in your own hands. Someone who qualifies under the terms of the program can select a trusted friend or family member to provide their home care services. Even better: the caregiver needs no prior experience, and will be paid for their work.

Freedom to Choose

One of the most notable benefits of CDPAP is that seniors can choose the person who will provide their care. For those who may not feel comfortable
meeting – or living with – someone new, the ability to choose a trusted friend or family member as an aide is indispensable. A bond will develop between any patient and caregiver, but if that bond is already present, the transition to care will be that much simpler and stress-free.

More Autonomy

Traditional health aides are wonderful, but they are managed by an agency. In this arrangement, some patients may feel that they lack control of their situation. Under CDPAP, the patient not only chooses the caregiver, but the services they need as well. And the caregiver is theirs – attending to no other patients and having no other schedule. If a change is necessary? That is in the hands of the patient as well.

Options for Family Caregivers

When a senior is sick or unable to care for themself, other family members will come to their aid. This is done without any form of payment or reimbursement, but may cost them time from their job (or possibly even the ability to find employment at all). CDPAP eliminates that financial concern by providing payment for their efforts.

It’s the best of both worlds: care from a trusted source for the patient, and a steady stream of income for the caregiver.

What’s the catch?

This all may sound too good to be true, but it is real, and a lot of people are already taking advantage of the program. The catch is in the set-up: like any other program, there’s paperwork. Forms to be submitted, evaluations to be scheduled. It can feel daunting to get the ball rolling.

That’s where home health agencies come in. Those who have elected to support the CDPAP program, like Special Touch, will guide you through the
process and manage your interactions with Medicaid. Nothing will be overlooked, and you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to get started, reach out any time. The help you need is ready and waiting.


Special Touch caregivers are certified paraprofessionals. Before they hit the ground running, they go through an extensive screening process. We dig deep into their background to make sure they are someone that we would trust to take care of our own parents and grandparents. This includes criminal background checks, drug screening, and also professional and personal reference checks.

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