How to Choose the Right CDPAP Agency For You & Your Loved One

Choose the Right CDPAP Agency when the time is right to have a home health aide. Many people are relieved to learn that they may be able to have their loved ones provide their needed services—and be paid for their time.

In New York, an innovative Medicaid program called “CDPAP,” or the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) offers recipients an alternative way to receive home care services. This program allows them to “hire” family members, neighbors, or friends to assist them with caregiving tasks. These providers get paid for their services.

This situation is a win-win for you as the patient because your care is provided by someone with whom you’re comfortable. And for the caregiver, who may have been providing these services previously but without pay.

Unpaid caregiving can take a toll on the provider’s life through missed time at work or with their families. Through CDPAP, they can provide the care they want while earning a wage.

These caregivers, known as “Personal Assistants” are considered independent consultants and receive payment via a “fiscal intermediary,” which is an entity contracted to provide services under the county guidelines or managed care plan. While you, as the consumer, can distribute payment, most frequently, it is processed and distributed by the fiscal intermediary, such as an HHA agency. This streamlines the process for you and ensures compliance with all aspects of the program.

Before you hire a CDPAP home care agency to help you access the CDPAP program, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

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1. Does the agency have experience with CDPAP?

This is critical because, as you know, the paperwork to access government programs can be voluminous and sometimes confusing, and it must be filled out and processed correctly.

An agency that routinely helps consumers with the CDPAP program will be familiar with the ins and outs and can make sure that all the necessary steps are followed correctly.

In addition, you want to ensure that your caregiver is paid promptly and accurately. Our CDPAP home care agency follows all NY CDPAP regulations.

2. Does the agency provide other caregivers if needed?

Sometimes your daughter goes on vacation. Or your neighbor is having a particularly tough time at work and can’t guarantee he’ll be home to prepare dinner and oversee your bedtime rituals. Or maybe you discover you need a more long-term situation, but without an agency contact, you don’t know where to start.

That’s when using a Fiscal Intermediary that can also assist with finding dependable. Trustworthy HHA service comes in handy. 

Using a company that is agile and capable of providing a seamless transition from CDPAP to Home Health Aide services (and back to CDPAP if necessary) is a major differentiating factor to keep in mind.

While having a personal friend or family member as a caregiver is ideal, many clients prefer the comfort of that agency backup, so make sure you engage a CDPAP home care agency that offers the best of both worlds!

3. Is the agency a “Goldilocks” size?

You know what we mean—not too big, not too small… just right. Many clients find they prefer an agency that’s big enough to provide training and continuing education so that caregivers keep up their skills, yet not so big that service quality becomes compromised.

Finding that sweet spot of a small agency’s service combined with a larger entity’s resources is ideal.

4. Does the agency have an effective communication chain in place?

One of the benefits of working with an agency that has successfully communicated with patients, consumers, and employees for many years is that they understand the importance of effective communication. 

Check to see if your agency has systems to successfully connect the outside world to the inside world (their office). They should be able to address your issues in a timely fashion, 24/7/365.

CDPAP might be the right program for your needs, and it’s essential to work with an HHA agency with experience, knowledge, and a special touch.

At Special Touch Home Care Services, we do exactly that. Our CDPAP home care agency is focused on helping patients feel safe and comfortable in their homes. We are still one of the most respected home care agencies in New York after almost 40 years of service. With origins in helping local communities in 1980s Brooklyn, we know every patient is an individual. 

Contact us today at (718) 627-1122 to learn more about our professional and compassionate HHAs.

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