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An organized home makes you feel better, but sometimes for older adults, it can be hard to keep a home clutter-free. According to a study in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

“Problems with clutter have been associated with stress and life dissatisfaction. Helping older adults realize the benefits of decluttering their living environment and advising them on how to do this can help them feel accomplished and in control.”

That’s why older adults need an organized home that meets their needs. It boosts overall mental health and makes it feels better. Of course, sometimes getting organized is easier said than done. To help with the process, we wanted to share some tips for helping older adults get collected and stay organized:

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1. Create a System For Medications

If medications are misplaced, it can be incredibly frustrating for older adults and caregivers alike. That’s why it’s a good idea to put a system in place for organizing medications so you never miss a dose or have trouble finding pills when needed. We recommend investing in a pill sorter that you organize weekly and always keep in the same place.

In addition, create a pill log or journal, so you always know what has been taken and stay on top of medications when they need to be refilled. Creating a system and a routine around medication organization and management will reduce stress and ensure you’re always in stock of the medicine you need.

2. Utilize Labels Whenever Possible

Sometimes it’s just hard to locate the items you need. Labeling essential items and storage areas can not only help you find items but also helps you remember to sort them. If an older adult has Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this can also help them know where to find critical items.

To be most effective in labeling, we recommend considering the most relevant items and what will be most helpful. Once you start labeling, you will see the benefits quickly.

3. Focus on Accessibility

When you organize a space, it must be usable for anyone living there. That’s why, when you work on decluttering, you should consider the needs of the older adult living there.

Depending on mobility and height, you should place items lower. If your loved one or others in the household use a wheelchair or a walker, you may need to reconfigure the space layout to allow movement. If you consider accessibility when arranging the space, the home will be set up more practically and functionally to serve household members better in the long run.

4. Declutter Where You Can

Finally, you must declutter the space to make it more organized. Sometimes the problem with organization is that there is so much stuff everywhere. It’s a good idea to sit with your loved one and evaluate what they truly need and what can be stored offsite or donated and/or thrown away.

Downsizing items in the home and removing items that are no longer needed can help the organization process and make the space more accessible. While figuring out how to declutter and downsize can be tricky, it will be time well spent and make the space cleaner and easier to navigate.

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Of course, this is just the starting point. However, starting is often the biggest hurdle. With these tips, you can declutter the space and make it more usable for the older adult in your life.

If you have someone in your life that’s interested in in-home care or if you’re interested in receiving care at home yourself, we hope you will reach out to us. Special Touch Home Care helps loved ones get the care they need to live comfortably and independently in the comfort of their own home.

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