3 Qualities of a Good Home Healthcare Agency

Care for your elder relative is too important to leave in the hands of any random home care aide. Not every caregiver is cut out for the work.

Some are just in it to make money. Although every caregiver gets paid, it takes more than just wanting to earn a living to deliver exemplary and compassionate care to a senior. To ensure that your elder is in competent and caring hands, you should hire a home health aide from a reputable home healthcare agency.

So, what are the qualities of a good home healthcare agency?

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1. Top Home Healthcare Agencies Reference Check All Their Home Health Aides

Consider the situation: you’re hiring a stranger and entrusting them with your senior loved one’s health, security, and welfare. With stakes this high, do you feel comfortable hiring someone you found during a brief online search? Seeing how the caregiver will spend significant time with your loved one, you must thoroughly background check any potential home care aide. A good home healthcare agency has already done that for you.

Home healthcare agencies vigorously investigate the history, social, and educational backgrounds and perform criminal record checks of all their caregivers. These days, any decent home healthcare agency will also collect biometric records of their employees. This goes a long way toward safeguarding your senior’s security and social welfare.

2. A Good Home Healthcare Agency Will Provide Competent Home Health Aides

There’s a lot to consider when hiring a home health aide. First, you should check to see that the caregiver can handle any special needs your loved one requires. For example, your senior may have dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s. These conditions necessitate special considerations beyond the average care that aides typically deliver.

Secondly, you should consider when the caregiver is available and if they are flexible in scheduling.

Lastly, your caregiver should have an innate ability to connect with your loved one at a basic level.

Finding all these qualities in one home care aide may seem impossible. However, a home care agency has thousands of caregiver profiles, making it much easier for them to match you with a perfect fit.

3. The Ideal Homecare Healthcare Agency Should Offer the CDPAP Program

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) allows seniors to hire, train, and manage their caregivers. CDPAP is 100% backed and funded by Medicaid. If your loved one has insurance coverage, you should check to see if they qualify for CDPAP. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, but a good home care agency will have your back. CDPAP may be the ideal program for you, as they allow your loved one to choose who cares for them, including a close friend or family member.

Check out all the health plans that cover HHA & CDPAP services here.

When it comes to the security and health of your senior loved one, you should not make any compromises. The CDC states that men and women who reach age 80 are likely to stay awhile longer, living another eight to ten years on average. This makes the decision to engage in home health care services all the more critical, considering that your loved one may entirely depend upon assisted living. Your best bet is to trust a home healthcare agency to provide you with a competent and caring home care aide.

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