Why a Home Health Care Agency Is Beneficial For an Injured Loved One

The elderly population is living longer these days thanks to enhanced medical technology, better nutrition, and their vibrancy.

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In fact, according to the Centers For Disease Control, once a person reaches 80, they can commonly expect to live for another eight to ten years. Despite all of this, however, an older adult who has succumbed to an injury requires special care.

While family members and caregivers certainly have the best intentions when caring for that loved one, a home healthcare agency may need to step in to assist. Let’s delve into the advantages of hiring a home healthcare agency to help a parent, aunt, uncle, or another family member who has suffered an injury.


When you hire a home healthcare agency to care for an injured loved one, they will enjoy the care that is both private and personalized.

Simple tasks like going to physical therapy can become cumbersome and daunting, possibly inducing embarrassment or reluctance.

Private care from a qualified home health aide, who can work directly in their home, will promote faster healing and an improved mindset.

Personalized Encouragement

Another benefit to bringing in a home health aide to care for your injured loved one is the one-on-one encouragement your family member will receive.

Instead of heading to group therapies and medical treatments outside the home, your family member can receive personalized encouragement and support vital for recovery.


Progress monitoring is a vital aspect of recovery. A personalized relationship will provide much deeper insight into the healing process. A shared center may tick off some boxes and keep general track of “better” or “worse.”

An aide who is familiar with your loved one and whose focus doesn’t need to be in multiple places at once will be able to more accurately and confidently weigh in on progress.

Even further, they will be able to provide you with constant updates without you needing to play phone tag with a doctor’s office.

A Break For Caregivers

As a caregiver, it’s your job to ensure that your loved one is comfortable around the clock. This includes shopping, meal preparation, bathing, and more. Not unlike caring for a child, you’re bound to find yourself with less time to take care of personal business.

Hiring a home care agency to shoulder some of that work will benefit your loved one and go a long way towards supporting you. As an experienced, dedicated, and supportive home healthcare agency, we understand that a loved one recovering from a fall or other injury can be difficult to manage.

Our aides are rigorously trained and certified individuals who can assist you and your loved one as they recover.

Connect with us today and learn how Special Touch, one of New York’s premier home healthcare agencies, stands ready to help.

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