3 Frequently Asked Questions About CDPAP, Answered

When you’re applying for CDPAP, it’s normal to have questions. Let’s review a few of the most common questions about the CDPAP application so you can confidently move forward.

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What Is CDPAP?

CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. A Medicaid program run through New York State allows home care consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their own home care aides.

One of the biggest reasons this program is so popular is that it allows consumers who need help at home to hire family and friends as home caregivers.

This allows you’re elderly loved one to work with familiar faces day in and day out instead of having to welcome a stranger into their home. An important rule is that spouses cannot be hired as caregivers.

What Makes Someone Eligible to Apply for CDPAP?

There are a few requirements consumers must meet if they want to be eligible for a CDPAP application.

First, they must require some level of assistance with daily living or care. In addition, they must also be in stable medical condition. This means that if someone is chronically ill or struggling with a medical disorder, CDPAP isn’t the right program to look into.

An eligible CDPAP applicant will be self-directing or will have appointed a designated representative who can direct care for them.

What Are the Advantages of CDPAP?

CDPAP is slightly different from traditional home care, and it has certain advantages. One of the most significant benefits is that close relatives can get paid to care for elderly loved ones.

Another is that personal assistants hired through CDPAP aren’t required to have any particular certification to provide care.

The takeaway from these benefits is that elderly consumers can live their lives more comfortably and in the care of people they know and trust with their health.

Applying for CDPAP might be a little bit confusing. We’re here to help! Fill out the free consultation below to get started.

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